Free $uicideboy$ Drum Kit – 492mo of Free Samples

Free Suicide Boys Drum / Sample Pack

Free $uicideboy$ Drum Kit

Do you want to make some dark cloud trap? Then, this free $uicideboy$ zip sample pack is perfect for you!

Start making some $uicideboy$ type beats in 2 clicks!


The 492mo sample pack includes:

  • 10 – 808 basses
  • 26 – FXs (including screams and laughs)
  • 9 – Cymbals
  • 20 – Kicks
  • 218 Memphis Samples
  • 8 – Snares

Sound examples :

Gun CockBack

Yeah Hoe


Memphis Sample: Full of Leads

Memphis Sample: “Now I’m High, Really High”.




Who Are Suicideboys ?

The Suicideboys is a duo of two American rappers from New Orleans, Louisiana. The duo is composed of Aristos Petros (Ruby Da Cherry) and Scott Arceneaux Jr.. The duo is under the independent American label G* 59 Records1.

Since their formation in 2014, more than 2002 titles, including EPs and mixtapes, have been published on their SoundCloud.

In their lyrics, the duo has the particularity of rapping about their difficult childhood, but also about their dependence on drugs, and therefore consequently despair, suffering and inevitably suicide (hence the choice of their pseudonym).

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At the level of the instruments used, they use saturated bass lines and dark repetitive melodies, recurring borrowing in this musical theme.


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