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DJ Spinz Official Free 808 Bass Drum Sample -The Best Trap 808 Sound

FREE Original DJ Spinz 808 (The best Trap 808 Sound!!!)

The spinz 808 is probably the most important sound of the past 10+ years for Trap and Hip-Hop producers! We decided to drop it for Free on The Highest Producers.

If you’re looking for a nice smooth sounding 808 that can fairly fit into any beat, the Spinz 808 is made for you.

This is the real unaltered Spinz 808 created by the eponym DJ. Even if it is famous, It is pretty hard to find.

It has a good amount of harmonics while still retaining a solid low end and fundamental and can be distorted quite heavily without sounding like utter shit before extra processing. It also has a great length (not too short, not too long) but can also be shorted for a really bouncy sound, etc…


Quite simply, if I could only have ONE 808, it would be the Spinz.

Some facts about the Spinz 808

Is this the 808 that Metro Boomin used?
Is metro Boomin used 808 spinz ?

Yes, Metro used the Spinz 808 in many (if not all) of his songs. Many other producers are using it but just act like it’s so rare and uncommon that they wanted to keep it hidden.

If you don’t want to synthesize you own 808s, the Spinz 808 is perfect for you! It fits into any type of beat and has nice stereo high frequencies unlike many 808s that you could find in other drum kits.

Because of its simplicity, the 808 is suitable right into the mix without any processing.

Furthermore, the fact that it is both quite smooth and also singularly prounced let people shape it into many different bass tones with mixing easily.


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