4 Christmas Free Audio Sample Packs

Free sample packs for Christmas

Add a Christmas Touch to your Tracks with those 4 Free Sound Kits !

Looking for a Ho Ho Ho.wav, or a Merry Christmas.MP3 ? See below to download 4 pack of free Christmas Sounds to add some magical and fairy to your compositions !  The Highest Producers Team si happy to whish you a very happy christmas with those 4 gifts ! ! Happy Xmas to all of you guys !

1 – 31 Christmas Free Sounds

It is not really a “pack”  but you’ll  find  31 christmas sounds like Elfs Laughing, Snow Falling Sound, Jingle Bells, OJ Simpson Xmas, and many more on this site royalty free website ! Nice collection of famous christmas vocals, sounds and FXs ! Have fun with those freebies !


2 – S4S Holiday Soundpack

S4S Holiday Soundpack is a free Ableton Live sample pack, featuring miscellaneous Christmas oriented samples which were slash and prepared for use in Live.

Their freebies are optimized for finger drumming and for use with specialized MIDI trigger controllers, but you can also use them with any other MIDI input device. Individual samples in WAV format are also included.
In conclusion, this is is nice gift proposed by Soundpack 4  Soundpack to help you celebrate the Holiday season! Download a special four bank (64+ Samples) Holiday themed sound kit . This pack is full of rich sound, funny quotes and amazing playability for instant fun! Celebrate the Holidays this year with your friends !
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S4S Holiday Soundpack (Week 14)

Check out the Soundpack4Soundpack Collective

3 – Free Memory Collections Christmas packs – Zvon

The samples in this collection are taken from the 1935 British film Scrooge. It is the first sound version of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens and it is now in the Public Domain. The pack contains 397 samples for a size 345 MB.

Yet, this is a special freebie pby Zvon, featuring 397 samples recorded from the first sound version of “A Christmas  Carol” by Charles Dickens an old Christmas movie that is now in the public domain.

Therefore, the pack includes dialogue, music loops, foley sounds and various sound effects. The samples are provided in WAV format and they are not available in any other sample pack made by Zvon.


4 – Complete Jingle Bell + Single Octave version of Handbell –  Noise Firm Freebies

Finally, Noise Firm released 2 nice freebies for Chrsitmas in 2015 ! First one is Complete Jingle, a free sample pack including REX loops, individual samples, a full-featured Kontakt instrument, and more.

Second one is a single-octave version of Noisefirm Handbell. This instrument has been getting sweet reviews from their customers. A beautifully unique sound of a handbell choir. Just fill the form on their website for your free Christmas downloads!


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