Making Music – 74 Creative Tips to Produce Electronic Music

Ableton Ebook - Making Music - 74 Creative

A book that Ableton has released describes 74 musical production strategies adaptable to any software or computer.

Ableton has released Making Music – 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Musicians a book that gathers many tips about music production. Far from being a technical software manual, this ebook is a general guide to boost your musical creativity.

Making Music: A Book of Creative Strategies (Ableton) byDennis DeSantis

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This book was written by Dennis DeSantis, a Detroit musician who studied classical composition and music theory, before devoting himself to the house and techno music. Find here 74 potential issues that you encounter with musical production. Of course, studies and solutions are proposed to solve those issues.

Complete the tracks began

This book is divided in 3 parts. First one is called “Problems of beginnind” and includes exercises to improve his critical capacity when listening to songs as tips to easily understand the basics of musical creation – things about harmony, rhythm , melody ….

The second is called “Problems of progressing” and teaches how to vary the particular material used and how to better understand the structure of a piece. The last part – “Issues finishing” – relates to compositions finishing.

The aim of the book is to teach the process of musical creation from beginning to end: it also places great emphasis on the importance of completing the tracks began.

It is on sale on Ableton website, and costs 25 euros. Digital versions – eBook and iBook is also available on Amazon and iTunes.

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