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Serum Skin Vault Tech edition

· By Krypto Beats

Free Xfer Serum Skin: Fallout Pip-Boy Vault-Tech Edition

Do you want to transform your Xfer Serum Interface into a Fallout Pip-Boy (Vault-Tech Edition)?

Here at THP, we are hardcore fans of Fallout… Except the latest release, the dreadful Fallout 76…

If you’re coming soon to the wasteland of the Commonwealth, New California or Mojave, looking for a new shelter or wishing to fight feral ghouls and other monsters, you’ll probably need this new generation pip-boy in the colors of Vault-Tech.

We’ve designed this Free Serum Skin for those who are not afraid of radiation. Get it now and start making some fallout beats!

Fallout Xfer Serum Skin - Pip Boy Vault Tech Edition

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How to install this Skin:

Requirement: To install this Xfer Serum Skin, you’ll need the latest release of Serum. Then you’ll be able to access the skins folder.

To add this custom skin to Serum, you’ll have to place the Fallout Pip-Boy folder into the Serum Skins folder. You could find the location:


Documents/Xfer Serum/Presets/Skins


Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer Records/Serum Presets/Skins

Once you’re here, you’ll see one Default Filter! DO NOT TOUCH THIS FOLDER. Just add the Fallout Skin Folder (unzipped) next to it as shown in the Gif below:


How to add a Custom Xfer Serum Skin (MAC)

Finally, when you’ll open Serum, you’ll just have to choose this skin by clicking on the Serum Logo:


How to change skin on Serum VST gif

And voilà, you can now benefit of the help of the Vault-Boy to make your next hit 😉

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