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Download legit boi1 Da Samples

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Official Boi-1da Drum Kits - 295MB of Hot Free Samples

Get the Sounds Boi-1da is using in his tracks!

Who does not want professional samples to make thick beats?

As you know, sample selection is key to a professional rendering. If you’re using mediocre samples, you’ll probably make a bad beat.

The good news is that you can find many quality samples online. Some of the best producers are even giving their samples for free!

It’s the case of Boi-1da, an in-house producer for Drake’s OVO Sound label and a Grammy-winning producer who gathered more than 280MB of his own samples.

Indeed, you can get The Boi-1da Sound Kit Vol.1 & 2 for $5. These kits are organized and they contain more than 1700 samples including nice boomin kicks, sharp snares, crisp percs, wide claps, dope hats, nasty hits, catchy samples and loops….

A must-have for anyone looking for a complete dope sample pack. Especially recommended for hip-hop producers these quality kits can also be used in any genre.

These 2 kits are surely going to become your favorites tools to make banging beats! ?Take your productions to the next level with the official Boi-1da Drum Kits.


These 2 sound kits are organized and classified

Download Official Boi-1da Sound Kit Vol.1 & 2

What'll get in detail:

 Boid-1da Vol.1 includes:

  • 56 Vocals Vox Chants
  • 24 Toms
  • 326 Snares
  • 16 Snaps
  • 14 Shakers
  • 73 Samples
  • 84 Percs
  • 56 Loops
  • 386 Kicks
  • 15 hits
  • 195 Hats
  • 54 Fxs
  • 25 Cymbals
  • 159 Claps

8 Full 808 Kits with midi files, loops, samples & drum one-shots to make better beats

Boid-1da Vol.2 includes:

  • 2 Vocal Chant Vox
  • 7 Toms
  • 69 Snares
  • 4 Snaps
  • 16 Percs
  • 16 Open Hats
  • 70 Kicks
  • 3 FXs
  • 22 Closed Hats
  • 36 Claps




Who is Boi-1da:

Boi-1da is a grammy awarded Hip-Hop Producer! Born in Jamaica, he moved at the age of 5 years in Toronto, Canada. He uses Fl Studio and he has been producing music for such artists as Drake, Eminem, G-Unit, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Game…

How Boi-1da made Drake’s “Diplomatic Immunity


How Boi-1da made “Lucky You” by Eminem


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