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The Ultimate List of Free Serum Skin (2020 updated list)

· By Krypto Beats

Download All The best FREE Serum Skins

Last update: 13 october 2023

The Ultimate List Of Free Xfer Serum Skins

As you know, we love Xfer Serum on The Highest Producers. We’ve designed a lot of presets for this amazing synth plugin and also created a free skin, called Fallout Pip-Boy Vault-Tech. If you liked this skin and are looking for new free skins to give a new look for Serum, you have come to the right place.

Because although the GUI interface is really nice, it can be interesting to change the Serum skin both to avoid repetition and to give you a more creative environment to work with!

So we’ve browsed the internet and listed 28 amazing high-quality free skins for Xfer Serum! There is necessarily something for everyone but if you still cannot find the skin you need, be aware that you can also create one (since update 1.213 allowing users to completely customize the Serum interface.).

If you have some $$ want to purchase some fresh premium skins, we’ve also listed some of the best-paid serum skins here

Anyway here is the list of my favorite free Serum skins and we hope, make your search a little bit easier!

(If you don’t know how to install your fresh new Serum skins, don’t worry we have prepared some simple installation instructions at the end of this article and we will guide you through the process step by step)

27 Free Xfer Serum Skins to Download

1 – Hotline Miami by Unknown – Download
1 - Hotline Miami by Unknown

Download Hotline Miami free skin

2 – Massive by Entity & Zaneth – Download

Serum Massive Skin

Download this free skin

3 – Sketch by Thenatan – Download

Xfer Records - Serum Sketch Skin
Download Sketch Free Skin

4 – Miruku by Miruku- Download

Miruku Free Serum Skin

Download the Serum Skin

5 – OTT by Entity & Zaneth – Download

Download OTT serum Skin for Free


6 – Anthracite Free Skin by Aevi – Download

Anthracite Free Skin by Aevi


7 – VR Red by Virtual Riot – Download


8 – Ableton Skin by Nasko – Download

Ableton Free Serum Skin 


9 – Colorful XS by Eliaswubs – Download

Free Serum Skin Colorful XS


10 – Antidote Free Serum Skin by Qoiet x Antidote Audio – Download

Antidote Free Serum Skin by Qoiet


11 – Dirty Teal by Echoworks – Download



12 – Purple Feel by Unknown – Download

Serum Purple Feel


13 – Rick N’ Morty by Wolf.wav – Download

Download Rick and Morty Free Serum Skin


14 – Legend Of Zelda by Justin Fowler – Download

14 – Pro HDR Skin by – Download




The Ultimate Serum Preset Bundle

15 – Tascione Skin by Justin Fowler – Download

Free Serum Skin by Tascione


16 – Pixel Terror Skin by Justin Fowler – Download

Pixel Terror Skin by Justin Flower


17 – Pierce Skin by Justin Fowler – Download

Pierce Free Serum Skin


18 – Kompany Skin by Justin Fowler – Download

Kompany Free Serum Skin



19 – Kill The Noise Skin – Download

Free Xfer Serum Skin - Kill The Noise Purpp


20 – Wood Grain – Download

Serum Skin Woodgrain


21 – Minimal – Download

Download Minimal Serum Skin


22 – Ghostify – Download

Ghostify Serum Skin Free


25 – Prometheus by Lance Thackeray – Download

Serum Free Skin - Prometheus


27 Fallout Pip-Boy Edition Xfer Serum Skin – Download

Transform Serum Vst into a Fallout Pip-Boy


28 Porter Robinson Worlds  – Download

Transform Serum Vst into a Fallout Pip-Boy



Some of the best PREMIUM Skins

Here is the list of my favorite premium skins for Serum.

Dark Silence – Goldmember Skin – Download


Dark Silence Avatar Jungle Speed – Download

Ivmgone NeonRed Serum – Download


CustomAnime Skin – Download

Reddit Anime Custom Serum Skin

How to install Serum Skins?

Requirement: To install Xfer Serum Skins you’ll need the latest release of Serum. Then you’ll be able to access the skins folder.

To add this custom skin to Serum, you’ll have to place the Skin you want folder into the Serum Skins folder. You could find the location:


  • Documents/Xfer Serum/Presets/Skins


  • Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer Records/Serum Presets/Skins

Once you’re here, you’ll see one Default Filter! DO NOT TOUCH THIS FOLDER. Just add the Fallout Skin Folder (unzipped) next to it as shown in the Gif below:

How to add a Custom Xfer Serum Skin (MAC)

Finally, when you’ll open Serum, you’ll just have to choose this skin by clicking on the Serum Logo:

How to change skin on Serum VST gif

And voila!

How to create a custom Skin for Xfer Serum

More about Serum


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