ElectraX Free XPs – The definitive List with 441 Presets (2020)

The Ultimate List of Free Electra X Presets

All The Best Free ElectraX Presets!

A few days ago, I published The Ultimate list of free VSTs.

Today I come up with something different, something free again, but something for Electra2 (the successor of ElectraX), an awesome VST (really worth the investment) that I use every day to make some fire beats.

It’s about 441 free presets in 20 different packs that you can download for free! 

ElectraX is made by Tone2 and is currently one of the most powerful synthesizers on the market!

This awesome instrument contains four customizable layers, each designed to deliver synth sounds of pretty much every conceivable!

This synth is perfectly suited for Hip-Hop, Lo-Fi, Dark Trap and EDM. It will meet all your needs if you’re looking for a solid, versatile synth with a huge sound.

Anyway, you will find below the best presets for Tone2 ElectraX (If you own Electra2, don’t worry, all the presets here are compatible).

THP – Twilight (17 Free Presets)

This XP is filled with dreamy and nostalgic sounds that range from the dark like, synth Arps, to haunted Bells & Plucks alongside some vintage like, ambient Pads & more. Inspired by the likes of Travis Scott, Cubeatz, Smokepurpp, Big Krit, Lil Skies…


Ultimate ElectraX Bundle FREE Preview (27 Free Presets)

27 Free Electra Presets Download 27 Freebies from our Premium Ultimate ElectraX Bundle. It includes presets from The Rupee Collection, Based by Krypto, Arcade Mania, Crumbled, Sweet Blueberry and Blood Thirsty.


THP Free ElectraX Collection (22 Free Presets)

Free ElectraX Presets

22 Free Presets from Our Best Selling Electra2 Banks. It includes, Arps, Bells, Plucks, FXs and more…


TrapX –  Free ElectraX Expansion (21 Presets)

Free Trap Presets for ElectraX
Download 21 free trap sounds inspired by producers like Zaytoven as well as Lil Yachty, MadeInTyo, & more... This presets bank was created by Bruno Savage & ProducerGrind


Free ElectraX Expansion “Taste of Greatness” (45 Sounds)

Ocean Veau Taste of Greatness | A big thanks to Ocean Veau, the sound designer who released “Taste of Greatness”, an awesome freebie for Tone2 ElectraX with 45 dope sounds! This free expansion comes with 8 ARP Presets, 8 Bass Presets, 8 Pad Presets, 8 Lead Presets, 9 Pluck Presets…


Download “Reckless” a Free Electra2 Expansion Pack – (17 presets)

Reckless FREE XP Bank for Tone2 Electra Check out those free presets for ElectraX made by @whoisjbeats who dropped a free ElectraX Preset Pack loaded with 17 fresh presets for producers to use.

Those sounds are truly fire! Click the link below to download RECKLESS from his website.


Bart Synthson – Sounds for ElectraX Sampler – (5 free presets)

Download Trap Free Presets For ElectraX 2

Ave Mcree from Traptendo
is a nice guy. He has released a premium pack titled Bart Syntshon and gave us 5 sounds of  his pack for free.

In this kit, you’ll be able to download 2 arp sounds, 1 OVO Bass, 1 FX sound, and 1 synth sound!


Tarentino ARP Madness Electra X – (50 presets)

Tarentino Arp Madness Free Presets
Over 50 presets of exciting arpeggios, pads, choirs, and more in the style of Tarantino, 808 Mafia. Another dope free kit by Traptendo!


Savage Mode for ElectraX/ Electra 2 VST – (11 presets)

Savage Mode Free Electra Trap Presets

This is a free version of a premium bank of preset based on 21 Savage and Metro Boomin‘s mixtape. The full version has 50 presets while this version only has 11 presets and the “Savage Mode” FLP.


“Rage Is Luv” TONE2 ELECTRAx/ ELECTRAX Free XP – (8 free presets)

Rage Is Love - Free Presets for ElectraX
Download 6 free presets from the “Rage is Luv” premium pack. The sounds are Inspired by Lil Uzi Vert and this kit contains psychedelic arpeggios, creepy drones, ambient pads, and more! It also includes the FLP for studying purposes only!  Check out this walkthrough video here!


“Apollo” Free Drum Kit & Electra2 XP – (20 Free Sounds)

Apollo Free Drum Kit & Electra2 XP

DezDidIt made an “Apollo” Free Drum Kit & Electra2 XP that you can download on Sellfy! In addition to some snares, kicks, percs, FX, Vox… you can find some sweet Electra2 presets in Apollo kit!


Filter303 ElectraX Soundbank – (157 Presets)

Free Presets for ELECTRA2 - EDM genre
Filter303 designed 157 various presets for Electra2 / Electra X! Get a bunch of synths, square basses, leads, keys, FXs, SAWs, Choirs…. While the previous packs are more suitable for trap / hip hop, this one is more suitable for the EDM!


New Wave ElectraX Preset Bank – (5 Free Presets)

new wave free presets

5 sweet presets made by DjShawDip & TheProducers Plug! The free demo contains 5 Presets From The 40 available In The Full Version!


AceC’s ElectraX Expansion Pack – (17 Free Presets)

FREE ElectraX Presets

A Free ElectraX XP preset pack with 17 free sounds brought to you by AceCharisma aka AceC!


3hree6ix9ine – ElectraX Preset Bank (6 Free Presets)

3hree6ix9ine – ElectraX Preset Bank (6 Free Presets)

Download 6 free ElectraX presets in the style of “3hree6ix9ine”!


Chocolate – ElectraX Preset Bank  (5 Presets)

Free XP for ElectraX by Ocean Veau

This ElectraX bank made by Ocean Vau is perfect to give some original flavor to your R&B beats or to use smooth and unique sounds in your beats!

Download Download the best free presets for ElectraX plugin! Sounds in the style of TM88, Lil Uzi Vert, Tarentino, 808 Mafia... 🔥 Click To Tweet

Elysian – ElectraX Preset Bank (6 Presets)

Ocean Veau Elysian Free XP

Free download for the Elysian ElectraX preset bank created by Ocean Veau and Imperial Muzikk. Contains 6 custom fre presets to try out!


Analog – ElectraX Preset Bank  – 5 Presets

Analog XP for ElectraX - Trap Presets

Free Presets made by Ocean Veau. Download 5 Presets for Trap and Hip-Hop production.


ElectraX Preset Bank – Glo-Fi – (6 Presets)

Hip-Hop Lo fi Free Electra X Presets

“Glo-Fi” contains 6 free presets for ElectraX and Electra2.


Nefelibata ElectraX Bank – 6 Presets

Ocean Veau is back with another out of this world bank for y’all called “Nefelibata”. From spacey Plucks and Pads to the insane new wave Arps and Leads, this bank is definitely a go-to once stocked in your arsenal. If you are tired of your beats sounding boring, dull & not colorful enough, then Nefelibata is the perfect choice for you.


How to Install ElectraX or Electra 2 Preset Banks?

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