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Free gun sound effects fx in wav formar

Gun Sound Effects | 234 Free Gun, reload, clipin, clipout Sounds Wav Format

Download 236 Free Gun Sound Effects | Rifles, gunshot, assault Rifle, Grenade, Knife and more !

Download 236 free gun sound effects from the war sounds genre. Different kinds of gun sounds including  assault rifle, gun, gun shot, knife, C4, machine gun.. sounds to use in all your video and audio projects. All  Sounds are in wav format !

Awesome Weapon Sound Effects for Any Creative Project ! Use them in your trap tracks, movies projects or whatever 🙂 Real reload, clipin, clipout, triggers, explosion, sounds for each weapon ! Make mad drop and build ups 😉

The free sound effects are royalty free and could be used in commercial music productions.

Preview :

Download the Gun Kit :

 Download !

The Gun Sound Pack includes :

  • C4 (disarm, disarmed, explode, plant, armed, button, on)
  • G3SG/1 rifle (boltpull, clipin, clipout…)
  • Imi Galil Assault Rifle (boltpull, clipin, clipout, foldback)
  • Glock pistol
  • Knife (Deploy, hits, hitwall, slash, stab)
  • M3A1 Grease gun
  • M4 carbine (“M4A1” and “Colt M4”)
  • M16 Boltcatch
  • Mobb Gunshot
  • Mp5k (Boltpull, Boltslap, safety, clipin, clipout)

But also :

  • Ak47
  • Aug
  • Awp
  • Deagle
  • Dryfire
  • Elite
  • Fieseven
  • Flashbang
  • Généric
  • Headhsot
  • Mac
  • p90
  • p228
  • pinpull
  • ric
  • scout bolt
  • Minigun
  • Laser Machine Gun
  • 50 Sniper shot
  • USP
  • Grenade
  • Vun
  • Xm1014
  • Zoom
  • Martian Death Ray
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