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Hey Listen - Download This Free Zelda Audio Sound

“Hey Listen” – Zelda free Navi fairy sample !

Looking for retro video game samples ? You’ve come to the right place. Just download Hey Listen in mp3 format ! Perfect for remix or ringtone 😉

Very nice sample available today ! This is the sample of Navi (Fairy in Zelda) shouting “Hey listen” to Link. The sample “hey listen” is often used in trap productions but can be used in every style of music !

Download “Hey Listen” – The Sound of Navi From Zelda Video Game


I do not know about, but for me many memories come to mind when I think of Zelda! (ahhh some long evenings playing on then64…)

Anyway, here’s a small sample of retro video games that you can add to your songs for a fresh touch of retro style! Download it, pitch it, remix it, play with it guyz !

Other 8-bit samples and video games coming soon 😉

Keep Calm and Hey Listen

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What retro samples do you want to download now ? Just leave a comment and I’ll make it possible 😉


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