How To Download and configure FL Studio

How to download and configure FL Studio

Download and Configure FL Studio

Fruity Loops is a DAW (digital audio workstation). There are others  but I choose it for its simplicity and  the power of its sequencer.

Uh … what a sequencer ?

A music sequencer is a device to automatically play an electronic musical instrument ; it can be hardware or software type.

In fact this is the place where you will edit the musical notes.
So as I said , the sequencer of Fruity Loops , in my opinion, is more convenient to use than other DAW software.

Many effects and tools are available to edit and stylized the sound. It is a comprehensive tool for music production,  ideal for all electronic genres but you can use it for all kind of music. FL Studio also allows you to do multi- track recording if you are a musician .

When you purchase FL Studio is for life ! Indeed, you only pay once for the software and all future updates daily. Do not worry , there is a trial version to download now.

First step with FL Studio

Where to download FL Studio?

Click on the button below to download FL Studio Demo :


How to configure it – The Installation

The installation proceeds like any other program, run it once installed. You should come across the demo song, but before you start playing, go to the Option menu / Audio settings.

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Settings in FL studio

In Input / output, verify that ASIO4ALL v2 is selected.
ASIO4ALL v2 is useful if you have a sound card of poor quality. Later, when your projects will be longer and more complicated, the sound card might not be powerful enough and lags may appear. ASIO4ALL v2 corrects this and allows a good latency even with large projects.

Otherwise, you can leave the default values.

Midi keyboard

You have a midi keyboard ? Here’s how to install it.

Midi Keyboard and FL Studio
Example of a midi piano keyboard

To install a midi keyboard you first have to plug it in and then check the “MIDI settings” (F10) :

Rescan midi device FL Studio

Then click on “Rescan MIDI device” on the bottom and then select the devices you want to use.


[stextbox id=’info’]Little tip : create a folder for each project and every time you save it, put suffixes (Project_test_4.1 example). The project files are not very large and it is always useful to go back to a change.[/stextbox]

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