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Making a simple Hip Hop Beat on FL Studio video tutorial

· By Krypto Beats

Making a Simple Hip Hop Beat on FL Studio

This tutorial is a adaptation of “Digital Music – Lesson One: A Few Basics and Some Genres“. The author of this tutorial deserves all credits.

How to make a simple Hip-Hop Beat

Learn making a hip-hop beat on FL Studio

A Few Basics on Hip Hop rythm

N.B C&H1 (3) is a snare sample !

Let’s begin by slowing the tempo to something more in the Hip Hop style. A speed somewhere in the 90s bpm, along with the patten below, will sound Hip Hop or Rap to most of people :

Example of a simple hip hop beat on FL Studio

As you can see , I simply added a hi-hat pattern accenting every other box or every on beat and every off-beat to the basic kick and snare pattern from above . Of course , hip hop is not confined to that rhythm. Many variations exist and you’ll be able to create something new and fresh with a simple change on that pattern.

For example, this pattern will sound really different when we simply move the second kick of a few places:

Simple Hip-Hop Beat Variation 2

There are many places to add or remove drums kicks in hip hop . Almost of the time we want a kick on beat 1 to accentuate the downbeat, try placing drum kicks somewhere else on the pattern for good synchronization. Every new drum kick adds another kind of vartiation to the rythm. Try a bit and you will feel the difference between diferent rythms.

Also, we usually want to keep snares on beats 2 and 4. But adding snares can provide nice moves and movement. A good way to don’t mess is to avoid a kick and a snare sounding on the same beat ! (excepting sometimes when a kick on 2 or 4 or a snare on 1 can be very awesome).

Hi Hat Variation in Hip Hop


This is one example to vary the hi hat pattern, but such patterns tend to sound better when played with percussions like “shaker” that work like a subsitute for hi-hat)

The tempo is very important in making a hip-hop beat. If you want a track that sounds really hip hop try to put the tempo between 80 and 110 bpm.

N.B C&H1 (3) is a snare sample !

Hip Hop Beat Video

Coming very soon !

Download Free Hip Hop Samples


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