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Download Virtual Instrument and VSTFX Piano Organ and processor

4 awesome Sounding Organ and Piano VST + 2 multi-effect processor VSTFx

Legacy Donationware Plugins Bundle by (Windows)

In this outstanding bundle of plugins you get 4 astonishing sounding organ and piano VST Instruments in addition to a multi-effect processor and  a rotary speaker simulator VST FX plugin. It includes the finest MrRay73 as well as it’s VST relatives MrTramp, MrDonald, and MrRay Electric Piano. I’ll bet you will love these 6 VST plugins ! Most of all because they are free 😉 

 Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is a software interface that integrates software audio synthesizer and effect plugins with audio editors and recording systems. VST and similar technologies use digital signal processing to simulate traditional recording studiohardware in software. Thousands of plugins exist, both commercial and freeware – Wikipedia 

This Bundle contains the six freeware VST plugins from the website

Especially relevant of every-kind of modern electronic music, this package contains 4 awesome Sounding Organ and Piano VST in addition to 2 multi-effect processor VSTFx :

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  • ORGANized trio – v 3.1 – Tonewheel organ simulation
  • MrRay Electric Piano – v 2.2 – Generic Physical Modeling eletric piano simulation
  • MrRay73 – v 1.0 – Tines & Tonebars electric piano
  • MrTramp – v 1.0 – Reed electric piano
  • Effectizer – v 1.1 – Generic multi effect processor
  • MrDonald – v 1.0 – Rotary speaker simulation

Seems like to be a nice bundle to have in your library !


All these plugins were assembled in SynthEdit and are accessible exclusively in VST format for Windows. A few of them have established problems, you can check out the guides included in the bundle.

Because those VST aren’t promoted any more they therefore won’t be updated. Therefore some modern multi-core CPUs may have problems with these plugins when multiple instances are used.

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Yet, some of these plugins show a nag-screen at the start-up but there are no limitations soundwise. You’re not required to pay for them but if you wish to get rid of the nag-screen, you can make a 10~15 euros donation to by using the paypal button shown on GSI website.

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