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Free Download : 425 3xOSC Presets for FL Studio

Free Download : 425 3xOSC Presets for FL Studio

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425  free presets for FL Studio’s 3xOSC VST

 What is 3xOsc ?

” 3xOsc is a deceptively powerful 3-oscillator, subtractive synthesizer feeding the FL Studio Sampler. Its purpose is to generate a bright sound to be filtered by the channel’s instrument tools. It can also produce its own kind of stereo phasing.

To reduce CPU load the oscillators are anti-aliased during rendering only. This means the rendered tracks may sound better, but rendering will be slower.”  Image Line

Download 425 free 3osc presets

 Some of what you get with the 425 3xOSC presets file :

  • 3XO Kick
  • 3XO snare
  • 16 Bit
  • Acid arp
  • Bear
  • Saw Bass

Really good pack with synths and FX suitable for Hip Hop, Electronic music, Trap…

Download 425 free 3osc presets

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