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Chants and Vox for your Beats

97 Free Trap Vox & Chants Samples – 3 Packs + Bonus

Download Vox & Chants for Free

Are you looking for common hip-hop and trap chant samples? Here is a list of 3 sample packs in zip format containing vocal cuts, stabs & chants for all your production needs!  As we are not a bunch of mingy guys we also offer you to get a nice bonus sample, as well as different sites to download even more vocal sounds 😉

  1 – Trap Chants & Vox Kit – CRAM

Trap Chants and Vox

Our friend, the brilliant producer CRAM Beatz, shares 25 awesome chants and vox for your beats and songs that you can download fo free! If you’re looking for Aye, Ha, No, Moans, Uh Uh, Yeah chants, look no further, this pack is made for you !

2 – DJ Mustard Vocal Chants

Vocal Chants samples for Free

This kit includes 21 well known vocal chants heard in YG, Kirko Bangz, Polow Da Don and DJ Mustard tracks. If you are looking for dope trap / hip hop chants, download this pack with your favourite “hey, hey, hey, hey” samples  as heard in Kirko Bangz, YG, Kid Ink, Roscoe Dash and DJ Mustard songs. Thanks to for those royalty free chants!


3- Cymatics Female Chant and phrases

Free Cymatics Chants and phrases

Loopmasters Sample Music Easter Sale

Once is not custom, we propose you to download an awesome freebie from our friends at Cymatics! This pack contains 27 Chants, 6 Laughs and 17 Phrases!
In order to download this freebie, you’ll just have to fill your adress emails! 


You can also download their vocal chants pack for more vox and phrases (it’s on the same page)!

[BONUS] Scream & Die FX Sound (1 vox sample)

Download Scream & Fie FX Sound

It is not strictly speaking a pack but I had to include this sample created by Hipstrumental. Just click on the button below to  download this “Screaming” sample in wav format :

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Still want more vocal chants ?

Wanna more high quality free samples ?


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