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Where to Sell Beats Online?

· By Krypto Beats

Where to Sell Beats Online?

You’ve been up all night creating a dope beat and you’re asking where to sell your amazing piece of work?

Even if you don’t plan to make a living selling instrumentals and beats online, you could enjoy earning pocket money every month!

To help you find the best places to sell your instrumentals, we’ve listed 4 different ways to sell your beats!

1 – Contact labels and artists

That’s the most direct method but it has some limitations. You can contact the big producers and names of the games.

Even if you are not a marketing guru you can send demos of your work to the labels of the artists you love. It cost nothing!

Send Beats to labels

Their sites can be easily found via Google and they always have a contact form. Anyway, let’s face, the odd for your songs to be listened are close to 0.

That said, if your beats have pleased an artistic director (or a rapper), someone may come back to you and it might be the beginning of a beautiful collaboration.

A lot of patience is obviously required. In parallel, remain vigilant about the social networks of the labels and the artists that you like! Their pages ask from time to time to send them some beats!

2 – Use social media to sell beats

Today, you must be present on social media platforms if you’re serious about your business. Here are the best social media to sell your beats

Use YouTube to sell beats

YouTube has become the best social network for selling beats. Most artists use YouTube to find some beats for their musical projects.

That’s why a lot of producers and beatmakers share “type beats” on YouTube on which an artist can rap/ sing on it.

Upload type beats on Youtube to Make some sales

That’s a nice way to reference your tracks at no cost. The main issue of this technique is that a lot of producers are doing it so you’ll have to stand out from the competition.

If you got skills in graphics, do not hesitate to make a nice video with an attractive miniature. Don’t forget to add some contact info and a link to your beat store if you have one!

Sell beats on Instagram

If you’re more into Instagram, you can also do some promotion on this network. But be aware that videos are limited to 60 seconds so you’ll have to “cut off” your beat to make it fit in.

As for Youtube, you’ll have to work on the visual design, you may embellish your post with a background image that makes customers want to buy your beat. Aesthetics is everything, it’s even truer on Instagram.

The other pro of using Instagram is the ability to use hashtags to increase the reach of your posts!

As for YouTube, do not forget to protect your track with a “producer tag” repeated several times. This will prevent you from being stolen.

Use Soundcloud to sell beats

Another way to get your music in front of potential buyers is SoundCloud. It’s the perfect showcase for artists, which makes it a good market-place for your tracks.

A disadvantage of SoundCloud is that there’s not an easy way to get your beats heard by artists.

Unlike YouTube, you can’t do SEO (Search engine optimization). It’s more a social community, rather than a place where people search for specific things.

Of course, there will always be people that search for terms related to purchasing beats online. But this is relatively small compared to YouTube.

To get noticed on SoundCloud, you need somewhat of a different plan of attack. You’ve got to like, repost and comment songs you like.

Showing interest in music from artists that you appreciate goes a long way.

Use Twitter

You can also use Twitter. In fact, a lot of rappers send posts asking for beats! As we said before, do not hesitate to follow your favorite rappers and be the first to send them your beats when they need it!

Send beat via twitter

BONUS: Check this twitter bot that automatically RT all tweets including “Send Beats”


3 – Sell beats on Beat Stores

This is the most simple and efficient way to sell beats online.

You can find a lot of beat selling platforms on the web. To name a few: AirBit, Beatstars … There are also Soundclick, Rocbattle, and Soundgine that are really good too! We also really like Traktrain with its stylish design and its wavy atmosphere. Attention, to be able to sell on Tracktrain, you will have to stand out!

These sites help producers run an automated beat selling business. They’re a great place to connect with a community.
You can get your free beat store within 20 minutes and start selling beats right now!

Most of the time, the platforms give you a free beat store and a personal website where you can sell beats from. You can also subscribe to a pro plan (commission on every beats sold or subscription fees) if you need some advanced features like unlimited uploads, custom voice tags, Facebook pixels…

4 – Sell beats on his own website

The last way to sell beats online is to create your own website. Although it might take you more time than selling beats via the platforms mentioned above, selling beats on a website is often more profitable because you don’t have to pay a third party website. Furthermore, you’ll show that you take the beat-making business seriously. If you have some web design notions, you can create a beat selling e-commerce with ease using CMS like Wix or Wordpress for Exemple.

As you can see, there are many ways to sell beats online. If you don’t have the time or the money to build a website you can try to sell your beats via the different social media networks or use beat stores.

What are the best ways to sell your beats for you?


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