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3 Ways to Make Money as a Producer

· By Krypto Beats

3 Ways to Make Money As A Producer

1. Sell Your Beats

The most obvious way to make money as a beat maker/music producer is to sell your beats. You can’t just rely on getting a major placement because you uploaded your beats on BeatStars or AirBit, you need to put a lot of time into social media, youtube, branding, etc to really be successful as an Internet Producer! Also, think about creating a Distrokid account and uploading your beats to streaming services. Instrumental music has a very large audience on platforms like Apple Music & Spotify.

2. Sell Your Sounds

The idea of creating “Type Beats” have turned into “Type Kits” & its a hot topic right now! If you create your own, unique sounding melodies, drum patterns, midi patterns, presets, etc than you can sell those sounds in a kit! The best way to get started is to research sites that sell kits already. Find which ones suit your style the best and contact them with a demo of your kit. Be sure to include an audio demo, artwork demo & description. You may also want to include a download link so they can check it out for themselves!

3. Sell Your Skills

If there is one thing I have learned as a Producer & Business Owner, it’s that you will have to wear MANY HATS! I have taught myself Music Production, Graphic Design, Animation, Laws & Legal Rights, etc over the course of a 10 year Producing Career. The skills & knowledge I have gained is very valuable to the right audience. I can sell artwork, audio visualizers, beat selling knowledge, etc. Learn a skill to help yourself in any way and that is a skill you could sell to help somebody else.


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