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Download Logana Bass for Free

· By Krypto Beats

Free VSTi for PC LoganA Bass by TorQue Audio

Download Logana a Free Bass VST for Windows

Logana is a free Synth VST developed by TorQue Audio. The new version includes several bug fixes, a tweaked pitch envelope, and a few other changes. This analogue, subtractive synth is perfect for making nice bass!

Logana was made with SynthEdit and is unfortunately only available for Windows.

Logana VST Features

Main features :

  • Three analog style oscillators with four waveforms (Sine, Saw, Pulse, and Triangle).
  • Noise generator with variable level and color (tone).
  • Modulation matrix and modulation envelope.
  • LFO with Sine and triangle waveforms able to modulate pitch or pulse-width on oscillator 1, 2, 3, or all of them.
  • Lowpass filter with adjustable slope (12db, 24db, or 36db), cut-off, resonance, and a separate cut-off envelope.
  • Amplitude envelope and overdrive distortion.

Download LoganA


Discpver LoganA Virtual Analog Synth in Video:

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