Free Serum Presets & Wavetables | 235+ Presets including Chords, Drums …

Free Serum presets VST synth wave

Download +235 free awesome presets for Serum Xfer VST : 

Serum Presets Including Chords, Drums, Basses, Hybrids, Vocals Free Presets !

Serum is an an awesome  high quality next-generation synthesizer VST that has a Wavetable editor built right in- you can create your own wavetables in a variety of ways. Import audio directly from audio file !

When you download Serum, you already get 440 presets but if you need more, this post is made for you 😉  The wonderful site offers you 235+download presets for Serum for Free. By completing the form on their site, you’ll be able to downloada ton of presets and wave

Those packs include :

  • Free Vocals Presets
  • 25 Hybrid Trap Serum Presets
  • 50 essential free presets
  • 15 arp presets
  • 10 chords presets
  • 15 drum presets
  • 20 presets from foley recordings
  • 15 FM Wavetables
  • 25 Growl Wavetables
  • ….


Xfer Records’s Serum Video

[stextbox id=’info’] Treasure in the synth  : the wavetable editor allows you to edit and create your own forms or modify those imported. It has for this purpose, a grid of 64 x 64 and some graphical tools (of the line portions of simple waveforms through the noise, interpolation, etc.) or by editor rank harmonics and phase (512 rows), changes to one echoing the other, obviously. Several menus offer shortcuts modification, creation, movement, inversion, etc. The result is of course immediately audible.
There is another cool creation tool, a mathematical formula editor. All people comfortable with the geometric design can create waveforms of their choice. In short, inclusion Serum offering a world of synthesis which have only very few competitors, except to look at the side of the additive synthesis, but which suddenly does not necessarily offer the possibilities of reading tables of waves![/stextbox]

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