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Lion Kit Vol 1 - Free Sample Pack by Aryay

Lion Kit Vol 1 – Free Sample Pack by Aryay

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Lion Kit Vol 1 – Beatmaker Free Pack

Aryay has released a full pack for free for reaching 10.000 likes on Facebook. The pack  is full of samples that Aryay has collected over the years, as well as his kicks, 808′s…. As you know dude has been killing it with his Drake- Trophies (Aryay Remix) and his latest release The Lawnmower.

I wanted to give this kit out because the Lex Luger drum kit has been used so much that Lex himself feels violated… And sometimes when I’m feeling uninspired all it takes is a nice pack of samples to get me back on my feet, and that I just want people to make beautiful music.

Sharing is caring ! Download the Aryay – Lion Kit Vol 1 Sample Pack below, grab that free download, and set yourself up for some long nights in the studio  !

Download Lion Kit Vol 1 – Free Sample Pack by Aryay

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