Different Water drop sound samples

Download water drop free sounds

Download different water drop sounds in mp3

Different water drop sound samples to use in your productions. Those water sound effect can be used for trap, rap, electronic, trance music… ! Producers like Cashmere Cat and Trippy Turtle use it in their songs.

[stextbox id=’info’]Tip : Water drop like effect can be layered with other drums to provide a really different sound[/stextbox]

Download tiny splashs of water dripping on a quiet liquid surface in MP3 format:

Single Water Droplet sound


Spooky Water Drops

Frekin spooky water


Water Droplet Sound


Water Drop Sound High


Water Drop Sound Low


Create your own Water Drop

The synth “water droplet” sound has been popular recently in trap and hip hop.  This droplet or bubble-like sound is fairly easy to create, and also provides a great opportunity to examine the attack and decay functions of an envelope in music synthesis.

Learn how to do it : http://blog.dubspot.com/trap-water-music-how-to-synthesize-a-droplet-sound-w-native-instruments-massive/

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