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Download free samples from Roland TR 808 and 909 classic

Hundreds of Classic Drum Machine Samples [Free]

 Classic Drum Machines Samples :

Looking for quality samples from the best drum machines ? Then the site Music Machines is made for you. You will find samples of high quality from classic drum machines like Roland TR-808 have, Linn LinnDrum, Boss DR-55, Korg KR-55, MicroMoog, Yamaha RX etc..

You can go to this site and add many sample as you want to your library. Each and every sample is at 16-bit, 44.1 kHz resolution that was generated, sampled and selected ! This website purpose a lot of drum samples available for download for free for 17 years now, so congrats to the creator !

Roland TR-808 drum machine
The famous 808 by Roland

Examples sounds  :

808 Hi Tom


909 Crash Cymbal


909 Open Closed Hi-Hat


909 Kick


808 Hi-Hat


808 Clave


808 Kick 1


808 Kick 2


You should find Bass Drum, Snare Drum,  Low Tom,  Mid Tom, Hi Tom, Low Conga, Mid Conga, Hi Conga,  Rim Shot sound ,Claves, Hand Clap, Maracas, Cowbell,  Cymbal , Open Hi Hat,,Closed Hi Hat and many more on Music Machines !

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