808 Free Drum Kit – Download 220 Free HQ WAV Samples

808 Free Drum Kit

Download free classic 808 WAV Samples!

I have sampled my old 808 drum machine to give you pure & high quality wav samples! Recorded with Preamp Universal Audio 2-610 & converted with Apogee Rosetta AD and Protools HD 8.

We all know how good is this famous vintage drum machine introduced by the in early 1980. You can still buy a second hand for the modest sum of $ 4000 but it is easier to use samples nowadays.

808 Kit in wav 16 bits 44100 Hrz format !

The pack contains 25 kicks, 25 snares, 9 cymbals and all toms, hi-hats, claps, claves, maracas! Especially relevant for hip-hop or electronic music, you could use those sounds for every kind of music!



  • 25 Bass Drum (BD)

  • 25 Snare Drum (SD)

  • 25 Cymbal (CY)

  • 5 Open High Hat (OH)

  • 1 Closed High Hat (CH)

  • 5 Low Conga (LC)

  • 5 Low Tom Tom (LT)

  • Mid Conga (MC)

  • 5 Mid Tom Tom (MT)

  • 5 High Conga (HC)

  • High Tom Tom (HT)

  • Claves (CL)

  • Rim Shot (RS)

  • Maracas (MA)

  • Hand Clap (HC)

  • 1 Cow Bell (CB)


Want to produce better beats?

Download 64 Hi-Hat midi patterns to make beats faster! Perfect to use with 808 hi-hat samples! Just drag and drop the pattern on your DAW and create some dope hi hat rolls!

A little History about 808:

In the1980s, the 808 attracted a cult following among underground musicians for its affordability on the used market, ease of use, and idiosyncratic sounds, particularly its deep, “booming” bass drum.

It became a cornerstone of the emerging electronic, dance, and hip hop genres, popularized by early hits such as “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye and “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force. (Wikipedia)

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