Dubstep and Trap Free Packs | 7 kits +600 Samples

Free Dubstep sample packs

Download  7 free Dubstep Sample Packs (and Trap) from Ghosthack :

If your looking for awesome dubstep and trap samples, you should visit https://www.ghosthack.de/, an awesome website  where you could fin quality professional samples to buy but also some very nice freebies for dubstep and trap music 😉

Here are a download list of  dubstep sample packs, loops, one shots and presets. All thoses samples are royalty free and could be used in commercial music productions.

Those samples are recorded as 24bit 44100Hz .wav files, so they will work in all common sequencers (DAWs) like FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, Cubase and so on.


Volume 1

This kit contain 100 dubstep samples. It has been downloaded over 190.000 times for now! A must have for every dubstep producers

In this package : 

7 Kicks / Bassdrums Samples
11 Basslines
11 Snares / Claps
12 FX Sounds
12 Hats
23 Drum Loops
17 Pads
7 Percussions

140 BPM .wav samples


Demo Track :

Volume 2

100 files including :

6 Bassdrums
12 Basslines
3 DnB Loops
22 Drum Loops
6 FX Sounds
6 Glitch Sounds
6 Hats
23 Pads
5 Percussions
11 Snares/Claps


Volume 3

Ghosthack’s fourth royalty free Dubstep sample pack from January 2014 with 55 different self-made samples.

This package delivers you everything what you need for a decent electronical music production as Dubstep, Trap, Glitch Hop, IDM, Drum’n’Bass track or whatever !

50 Dubstep samples including :

– 2 Bassdrums
– 3 Basslines
– 9 Drumloops
– 5 FX Sounds
– 2 Glitch Sounds
– 5 HiHats
– 8 Pads
– 3 Percloops
– 6 Percussions
– 4 Snares
– 3 Synth Sounds


Volume 4

50 dubstep and trap samples withsize of 63,3MB,

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4 Bassdrums
6 Basslines
10 Drumloops
7 HiHtas
6 Pads
8 Snares
4 NI Massive Bassline Presets
4 FX Sounds
3 Snare FX Sounds
3 Synth Sounds


Volume 5

20 heavy Basslines
7 Drumloops
3 FX sounds
7 Hihats
5 Pads
12 Percussions
15 Snares


Demo Track

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/254652956" params=”color=00b3e5" width=”100%” height=”166" iframe=”true” /]

Volume 6

Larger free sample kit including 90 samples and presets. This one is especially interesting for trap producers because it contains some heavy 808 basses and kicks as also some 808 sounding processed snares. Furthermore, this package contains a 7  Massive and Serum bass patches and 10 deep and heavy one-shot basslines.  Also Including 15 ambient pads to ensure some background atmosphere in your tracks and the three buildups for nice drops !

93,5MB  Featuring : 

15 808 Basses
10 808 Snares
6 808 Kicks
10 one-shot Basslines
4 Clicks
6 Hihats
14 Percussions
15 Snares
15 ambient Pads
3 Buildups
4 Xfer Serum Bass Patches
3 NI Massive Bass Patches


Demo Track :

Volume 7

60 free dubstep samples with bass One-Shots, Bassdrums, Basslines, Hihats, Leads, Snares, Claps and also some Vocals.  All the bass and lead sounds were created with Xfer’s Serum combined with some techy effects. We used and modified some presets from our “100 Bass Patches for Serum Pack“.

5 Bass One-Shots
6 Bassdrums
18 Basslines
9 Hihats
7 Leads
10 Claps and Snares
5 Vocal Samples


Demo Track :

[sound[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/288813495" params=”color=ff5500" width=”100%” height=”166" iframe=”true” /] class="cp-load-after-post">

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