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FL Remake Video Tutorial : Remake Schoolboy Q - Man Of The Year

Video Tutorial : Remake Schoolboy Q – Man Of The Year with FL Studio

How to remake the awesome track “Man Of the Year”

Learn how to produce the Schoolboy Q song “Man of The Year” with this video Tutorial for FL studio You will be guided step-by-step in this video tutorial !  The sample use in this sound is a sample of  Chromatics called “Cherry” :

Fl Studio Remake #1 – Schoolboy Q – Death To Molly

Sample used : Chromatics – Cherry

You can download the sample via Youtube To mp3

This is the first video tutorial of a big serie !

  • I’ll write a PDF tutorial if we reach 50 shares on this article
  • I’ll put a FLP Download link if this video reach 20.000 views 🙂

Tities ass hands in the air shake it fo’ da o’ da year bounce!!  😈


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