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Various tutorials about producing music and success in beatmaking ! Free guides and courses to learn how to make music !

Zampler RX Free Update from Plugin Boutique

How to Install VST Plugins on a DAW (Flstudio, Cubase, Ableton..)

How to Install VST plugins

How to install a VST plugin on a DAW? The Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Pictures: VST Plug-ins do not always work alone. They are intended to complement a music software that is called a  “VST host”, or a “DAW”. It is this DAW software that will allow plugins to be used and that will provide […]

Making Music – 74 Creative Tips to Produce Electronic Music in a Book

Ableton Ebook - Making Music - 74 Creative

A book that Ableton has released describes 74 musical production strategies adaptable to any software or computer. Ableton has released Making Music – 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Musicians a book that gathers many tips about music production. Far from being a technical software manual, this ebook is a general guide to boost your musical creativity.

Making a Simple Hip Hop Beat on FL Studio

Making a simple Hip Hop Beat on FL Studio video tutorial

How to make a simple Hip-Hop Beat Learn making a hip-hop beat on FL Studio This tutorial is a adaptation of  “Digital Music – Lesson One: A Few Basics and Some Genres“. The author of this tutorial deserves all credits.

How To Download and configure FL Studio

How to download and configure FL Studio

Download and Configure FL Studio Fruity Loops is a DAW (digital audio workstation). There are others  but I choose it for its simplicity and  the power of its sequencer. Uh … what a sequencer ? A music sequencer is a device to automatically play an electronic musical instrument ; it can be hardware or software […]