Brandon Chapa – Gravty Omni Bundle

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Introducing the “Gravity Omni Bundle” by Brandon Chapa, This bundle includes a variety of Omnisphere banks that will take your beats to the next level.

Witches Omnisphere Bank By Brandon Chapa

Brandon Chapa is back with a different type of fruit for his producer friends this round. Running through the forest and dodging witches we brought you "Witches Fruit" for Omnisphere 2.

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Brandon Chapa - The Fog Omnsiphere bank

Brandon Chapa comes in with the vibes in "The Fog" Omnisphere Bank. Inside contains 50 custom Pad patches for Omnisphere 2.

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Brandon Chapa Black Pawn Omnisphere Presets

Brandon Chapa came back with a dark sound for his producer friends in the Black Pawn Bank. This bank brings you 50 patches that don't need light in the style of any modern production style today.

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Brandon Chapa - Black Swan II Omnisphere Presets

This bank contains 120 Custom Omnisphere 2 Patches perfect for any of today's top genres. Anywhere from Trap to Drill to EDM and even Reggaeton and who could forget RnB...

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Brandon Chapa Black Swan Omnisphere Bank

Brandon Steps into play with a crazy set of 100 patches for Omnisphere 2.

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Brandon Chapa - Omnisphere Black Flag Bank

Brandon Chapa just came back with a whopping 100 patches inside the "Black Flag" Omnisphere Bank.

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Omnisphere Guitar Presets by Brandon Chapa Beats

The 'Amplify' Omnisphere Bank Includes 20 Guitar Patches for your production needs. 🎸

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