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Joey Bada$$ - Pantie Raid Pt. 2 (Prod. By Bruce Leekix)

The new Secc$ Tap.e Pt 2, mixtape from New Era will be released soon. “Pantie Raid Pt. 2” is the first of many drops which we will hear soon. This track has a smooth, laid-back sound to it throwing back to the good ol’ 90’s. Of course, some awesome production from Bruce Leekix certainly helps the matter.In this song, the young man from Brooklyn tells us his love for an older woman, laying its phases on a sunny Californian instrumental,which makes us want to be on vacation asap.

Joey Bada$$$

Quotable Lyrics:

Okay, you’re obviously brainwashed
Our time ain’t on the same watch
Waiting by your grandfather clock like that shit gon’ stop for us
Expand your ocular
Push the grandaddy proper
Whatever you do just please don’t drop the stuff


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