Nezquik Free Vocal Samples 1

Download free techno vocall pack Nezquiik

Free download – Nezquik Vocal Samples 1

Nezquik has released Free Nezquik Vocal Sample Pack, a collection of  48 custom vocal shots. vocal phrases and shots perfect for any electronic music genre including big room, house, techno and many more.

This is the first Sample pack I’ve ever made so it’s going to be a little cheesy.
It Includes Lo fi phrases and vocal shots which are great for leads or drops.
More on the way.
Luv yah!


Listen the preview of Nezquik Vocal Samples 1


I’d like to thank everyone who has showed me love throughout this whole time. I really appreciate it. The only way I felt could repay you guys for the love is give you guys some tools to use in your productions. I really enjoyed the lo-fi sample pack from vengance but I’d rather not use them for many reason so I decided to record and make my own.

In this pack you will find more than 25 phrases and vocal shots that are great for any genre. You can add effects or re sample and you will get infinite outcomes. I hope you enjoyed it and I will definitely make more like these in the future!



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