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Beatmakers school The Highest Producers

Who are we ?

The Highest Producers is a blog dedicated to music production. Learn how to create your owns tracks and download free stuff as samples, acapellas, vsti, daws.

This blog is run by 2 producers wanting to share their knowledge and their passion for beatmaking! Because knowledge must be accessible to all, We share free guides, videos tutorial, free samples and many more stuff on The Highest Producers !

Behind the keyboard

@Mezyane (the dude who wrote this) ! amateur ! You can listen my stuff on my soundloud !

Olivare$  (which is clearly better than me at producing 😉 ) ! You can listen to his fabulous remake and learn how famous producers works !

Please note that all downloads that you will find in our library is all legal and free to download. We do not publish any copyrighted material or copyright software. Please note that all downloads are individually checked to make sure our downloads section successfully meets Google’s Adsence TOS – ALL downloads are FREEWARE and without copyright, All Downloadable material is Legal but if you find any protected materia just tell us and we’ll delete it . Thanks

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Make your dream come true with The Highest Producers !

Learn how to produce music online !


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