Who are we?

Created in 2014 by 2 music producers. The Highest Producers is now run by 8 music producers/sound designers that want to share their knowledge and their passion for music with other producers! Anyway, don’t be shy and ask us anything, we’ll be happy to answer 🙂

Krypto Knight founder of THP

Krypto Knight

Co*Founder of THP and music producer. He loves to make some hip-hop and trap beats but  also like to experiment with all genres! Don’t hesitate to reach him for any needs! “Where words fail, music speaks.” Hans Christian Andersen

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Co-Founder of THP and music producer. From Classical music to Electro, She likes to play and create all kinds of music. And don’t forget,
“Without music, life would be a mistake.” Nietzsche

Sigthroro Machi THP producer


Sightoro Machi joined the community The Highest Producers first! Skillful producer, he has created some amazing MIDIs kits used by multi-platinium beatmakers! The chosen one is here to help you give you only the best kits!

VYD Beat Music Producer


VYD is a dope Producer and Sound Designer from Johannesburg South Africa. If you didn’t get one of his Loop Pack, go cop one now, you will not regret it! He provides the best loops at the best price!

8 producers from all around the globe are here to share their knowledges and their passions for music!

itsmochajones producer and founder of The Drum Bank


Music producer and founder of diferent dope websites such as NewNationLLC and TheDrumBank. Itsmocha got many talent including music production of course but also website development, graphic design and  mixing/mastering.

Uno Reyes Producer for The Highest Producers

Uno Reyes

Producer from Minneapolis/St. Paul 📍🇲🇽 Uno Got The Streets Goin’ Crazy! Talented Beatmaker and producer.


Prod by RVGE beatmaket for Thehighestproducers


Producer/Engineer | Newrvgemusic@gmail.com for any inquiries! | IG: newrvge 


Lemmon's Producer from Switzerland


Producer/Engineer | Newrvgemusic@gmail.com for any inquiries! | IG: newrvge 


Discover which gears, softwares and sounds we use to produce our music!