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+2.50 GB of Free Samples

+2.5 GB of Free Audio Samples

Download free audio samples and start making dope beats right now ! Many drumkits to make music right now !

Free huge sample database audio sample banks for making dope tracks ! 36 free drum kits to build tracks with ease ! Mostly free hip-hop producers samples kit ! Make your own music beat now !


Wav Samples
Download Free Wav Samples | Those packs only contain high quality wav samples for free for making professional audio tracks

More wav samples

Free Packs of Samples
Every packs are free and ready to use ! Start making music right now with those royalty free packs of sounds !

More sounkits

Hip-Hop Packs and more...
Those packs are perfect for Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, Trap music but could also be used for any genres. If you want more hip-hop packs just check out the link below

More Hip Hop Packs

32 Producers Packs
Start making music right now with those 32 producers sample packs including Chamillionaire, Legacy Trap, Swiss Beat, Wu Tang, RUN DMC, Scott Torch, Pete Rock kits and many more …

More producers packs

Free VST & VSTi
On THP you can also download awesome VST to boost the quality of your sounds and VSTi to create dope tracks ! Check out a unique collection of the best free vst plugins for music creation,composing and producing music.

More Vst

Zip Drumkits
Download those zip pack now ! Just fill out the form below and directly get 2.5go of free samples !


Just fill out the form below to get the sample packs

Complete the form below to directly receive a link to download the 2.5GB of samples :

! Warning !
The page may does not load when you click on the download button but you’ll receive a confirmation mail anyway !
Once you’ve clicked on this mail check out your spam folders to download the free samples pack !


Don’t hesitate to contact us ! We’ll be happy to answer as fast as possible. Bloggers, editors, get in touch with us for guest blogging or partnership !

Legal mentions

Please note that all downloads that you will find in our library is all legal and free to download. We do not publish any copyrighted material or copyright software. Please note that all downloads are individually checked to make sure our downloads section successfully meets Google’s Adsence TOS – ALL downloads are FREEWARE and without copyright, All Downloadable material is Legal but if you find any protected materia just tell us and we’ll delete it . Thanks 12 Rue de Rouen 75019

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